Why Getting Branded Taught Me How To Meditate

Ludo De Angelis
2 min readNov 25, 2022

2 groups of people were subjected to a hot probe placed on sensitive skin. 🔥

Group 1: Advanced meditators

Group 2: Normies

The meditators experienced the pain as 3x times LESS UNPLEASANT than the normies.


1. Meditation promotes space

“I should have thought first before I said that…” 😞

The practice of noticing ones reactions increases the space between a stimulus and your response.

That space is the key to self-control. 🔑

2. Meditation promotes calm

“Motherf*cker that was f*cking hot” 🤬

Though one can notice the pain of a stimulus, through meditation we can slow down, calm ourselves and stop our knee-jerk reactions kicking in.

That self-control keeps you calm. 🌱

3. Meditation promotes presence

“I suffer because I am {excuse/story/reason}…” 🎻

We love to weave a story and make things needlessly worse for ourselves.

Seeing pain objectively allows us to manage much more than our normie counterparts. 🤹‍♀️

So do you want to be able to…?

  • Keep calm
  • Stay present
  • & maintain mental space?…

Ok, can you guess what you need to do more of? 🧘

Yes, brand yourself daily with a hot iron.


(no, not really)

Studies show that even FOUR DAYS of mindless training can vastly improve your mental toughness and resilience.

Can you commit to four days? Come on now.


The more space you can create between the experience of a feeling…

…and the urge to freak-out…

…the more successful you will be in navigating all challenging scenarios.


That’s it! Thanks for reading.

This article was inspired by the book #DoHardThings by @stevemagness 📕

Hope this article helped you think more deeply about your relationship with technology. If you’re feeling stuck and creatively unfulfilled, drop me a message and we can chat about it.

Ludo ✌️🖤

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