#002 Weekly Reflection: Evening Routines are Hard

Ludo De Angelis
4 min readDec 4, 2022

You always have more control over yourself, and your day, in the morning.

The current setup for Streaks

The second edition of my weekly reflection series on #BuildingInPublic, staying consistent, writing more and aspiring to be better.

04 December 2022

These entries are summaries of my past weeks performance and the learnings to be implemented for the incoming week.

These weekly reflections include reviews on finances, relationships, health and habits. I also look over my daily journals to see where my head is at and take note of anything that needs to be addressed on Sundays.

For now, I’ll start this new practice with a public review of my creative habits and my physical health.

I hope this new format encourages more people to pursue their endeavours, vocations, general self-improvement and everything else I said in the first paragraph.


  • Habits review
  • Health review


Create, Converse, Consume, Clarify

Streaks: The 4 C’s


Writing this week went really well. Though I wasn’t producing volume like the week before, the articles had more depth to them. And length. As I become more purposeful around what content I’m consuming, I can see a cycle starting to appear.

Perhaps it will be a weekly-topic that I dig into throughout the week.

It’s also exhausting at the same time! Creating isn’t a frictionless experience. It’s literally like building muscle. Slowly but surely over time getting better and better.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have any conversations at all this week with any piers. I’m also not sure if it’s totally relevant at this stage. I feel like I need to be quiet and simply producing right now, at least for another few months. But at the same time, I do enjoy speaking with people on similar journeys.

A recent article allowed me to realise what kinds of people I would like to interview on a future podcast, whenever that comes about.


Really enjoyed digging into the subject of attention this week. The article I wrote was a monster and I’m still figuring out how to finish it. Super interested in the work of Johann Hari and his book Stolen Focus. I hope to dig into it more this week.


Continuing to read The Second Mountain by David Brooks, I’ve started the section on vocation. He talked about “a calling” that comes to a person. I have premature thoughts on this that I’d like to explore more but it did make start researching coaching again. Again, again, again. This coaching thing keeps coming up for me over and over. It just feels right but I have blockers that I’m not sure of right now.

Learnings for this coming week:

Focus on one topic this coming week: Attention; try and chat with someone on MM discord; utilise Drafts more for note-taking; dig into coaching blockers.


Streaks: The daily health things

I didn’t have any meditation practice this week at all. Last week, I said I would move those sessions to the evening but it just didn’t happen.


The evenings always seem to become the reactions of the day before it. For example, if it’s been a particularly busy day and I (and my partner) are both tired, the evenings become ordering food and passing out together. There’s no real structure to the evenings.

The same applies for my gratitude practice — not once this past week since attempting to move to the evening.

There is so much more control of the day in the morning, before the start demands of the day take hold. By the evening, it’s much more difficult. Not impossible, but difficult.

Maybe communicating to my partner more about this. That I need her to understand this evening routine is important to me

Of course, since moving exercise to the morning, I have had great weight training session this week. I feel good, my body feels good and I’ve been sleeping better. Except for the mosquitos. (Milan has mosquitoes in December…)

Learnings for this coming week: Meditation and gratitude practices in the evening, be more strict; continue with weight training and writing in the mornings;

Ludo- 🖤✌️

That’s it for the second edition! 🎉 If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I will build this format out further and hopefully turn it into a video series.

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